Welcome! I honour your presence on my blog, which I prefer to think of as a
heart-offering and journal of sincerity, truth, and awareness.

Inclusiveness, gentleness, joy, humour, compassion, honesty, kindness, hope, faith,
gratitude, and love form the foundation of my life. With these things as
the bedrock of my existence, you may rest assured that you will always, always be greeted
with respect and integrity as you share my journal entries.

During these tumultuous times, we are all craving calmness wrapped in hopefulness.
Our tender hearts are crying out for gentle care. Our overloaded minds are calling out for relief
from negative news and countless demands. Our spirits, which are pure in essence, seek to be wrapped
in goodness and joyfulness. Know that you will find all manner of beauty on my blog.

Reflections in the form of philosophical thoughts, artwork, poetry, and short stories…will always be available for you!

With gratitude as my propeller, I welcome you as you journey along with me!

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