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  • Welcome!

    Welcome! I honour your presence on my blog, which I prefer to think of as a heart-offering and journal of sincerity, truth, and awareness. Inclusiveness, gentleness, joy, humour, compassion, honesty, kindness, hope, faith, gratitude, and love form the foundation of my life. With these things as the bedrock of my existence, you may rest assured that you will always, always be greeted with respect and integrity as you share my journal entries. […]

  • Happiness

    It is never too late to be happy. Yes, in the blink of one moment you may become happy. Isn't this precisely what can and often happens to all of us in a split second? A warm smile, a kind word, a loving hug, a thoughtful gift, a sunny day, a belly laugh, a gentle breeze, a delicious meal, a precious new baby...light our moments and light our days.


It is never too late to be kind.  Despite the your past actions, know that one simple act of kindness can change a life forever. This act will expand its reach exponentially and embrace more people than you can imagine. Please be kind.

Being loved

It is never too late to be loved. Feeling loved is what all human beings desire in their very souls. Even with a painful life history, we will rejoice and feel loved if love comes our way. Please choose to be loving.

Being successful

It is never too late to be successful. Being successful has everything to do with the quality of your heart.  If your heart exudes love, you are a successful human being. Please choose to expand your heart.

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With all of her interests and projects in mind and in hand, Nancy is a loving mother, wife, and grandmother. She lives happily with her dear family as she continues to embrace life with her arms, heart, and mind wide open to possibility.